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Silent Screams
Quiet Screams
You're waiting for a life that won't be changing.
You're praying for a family that hears you better.
You're waiting for inspiration to come to you're heart.
I just can't wake up from this dream I've begun.
It's just a shame,that an adventure won't be starting.
I'm just praying to be the different person I am today.
Can you see the whole I've started?
I would tell you but you'd know somethings wrong.
I'm not a girl of too many masks anymore.
The mask you see is who I am.
The angels lead a dance,while I'm begging for self-change.
The God's are begging for world peace.
The river I see is still and quiet. My thoughts are filled with faces
I've feared and seen before.
The rage inside me is building from how helpless I really am,While soldiers are
being torn apart one by one. These are the silent screams of a soldier.
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Death Note:Sisterhood
Death Note
Altair's POV
My name is Altair,and my twin sisters name is Callie. We are adopted children always staying and going from
home to home. I guess we're not that perfect when it comes to other people's family. And the kind of family we're
in is torture,a living hell that no-one should be near.
Sex slaves is what we are.
Me and Callie were in the guest room. But to us,we called it Break room. We have a very little break,so we enjoy every minute of it.
Though we wouldn't mind being free forever. I guess that's one wish that can't come true.
"Hey,got any fives?" I asked.
"Nope,go fish." replied Callie.
I sighed,taking a card from the deck adding it to my collection of cards in my hand. Before Callie could ask,strange men slammed open the door
charging towards us in a blink of an eye,our bodies were tossed over the mens shoulders as if we were cargo. "Hey!" I shouted.
"Who are you!? Just where the hell are you taking us!" I said
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Mixed by RisingAshes007 Mixed :iconrisingashes007:RisingAshes007 2 0
Alone Poem
The noise inside my head
won't go away.
The pain I trace keeps lingering here.
I can't seem to smile today.
I keep crying in the shadow,
trying to get my emotions in a line.
Everything I say never comes out right
The goals I plan aren't as loud as they seem in my head.
I can feel the angels sending me a message that you're there.
In this silence I just can't seem to move an inch.
The people keep trying to let themselves in,But
you know that I keep pushing them away.
Are you ok Is what they say to me.
Fake a smile,walk away,let them know I'm okay.
But deep inside,you know that better than I do.
Right now I'm just close to screaming out,
I guess things only go right with the inspiration found in my heart.
I don't want any conflict,I don't wanna go out,I don't want anyone trying to be a friend.
Just for a while,I want to be alone.
:iconrisingashes007:RisingAshes007 2 0
FullMetalAlchemist Case
Aisha's POV
My name is Aisha,that's part of what I remember. The other part of what I remember is that
I keep seeing a flash of white  heading towards me. And then,silent whispers finally starting to become
"Is the little bitch awake yet?" His voice nearly sounded like an impatient man trying to be a woman.
"Patience Envy,these things take time." Said a woman's voice. Aisha slowly fluttered her eyes open looking around.
"See what rewards you for being patient?" Envy rolled his eyes,crossing his arms slightly. "Who the hell are you people,and what do you want with me?"
Aisha said glaring at the beings standing before her. Envy smirked slightly,"Straight to the point,I like that." The woman smiled in agreement. "I'm Lust,and this is Envy."
A strange short man,who was short compared to Lust stood beside her. "I'm hungry." The man said whinin
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Series of Orders part 1
Chapter One
            A Young girl following a dream
A young girl with long dark purple hair with purple eyes as she wore a strapless dress with a bow behind her as she dressed the Gothic Lolita type. My story takes place
about a young child born in Nibelhiem,and her name was Noah Elizabeth her inspiration was a famous gunslinger that was greatly known in Shinra. He vanished a few weeks later,along with that Lucrecia person.
And that famous gunslinger I adored was Vincent Valentine.
It was dark,A small window shown with cracks on it,I placed my hand on the window,but I placed it hard enough for me to grunt. The grunt echoed through the room,and then a whisper of a dark tone entered. "Who's there?" Noah said cautiously.
I slowly walked up the stairs,entering  a small room with a huge stack of bookcases and desks. I slowly walked towards the room,where a shadow was standing in the mere darkness.
"What business do you
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If a man can't accept truth..
"There is a war going on,and all your doing is screwing around!"
"I'm sorry I'm not the one with the megaphone,what more do you want from me!"
The next day I woke up,sitting myself up. "Alexis?" I called out,hearing her not answer back. I got up from my bed and onto my feet,slowly walking towards the kitchen. I looked down at the table seeing the note. "If you can't accept the truth,then you're hardly a man at all." Is what it read. I crumbled the note in anger,I grabbed an hammer and just vented out my rage. Everything around me was shattered,just like this heart.
The next day...
I felt her breath on my neck,had she come back? I reached to touch her cheek,but I felt nothing. I gripped tightly onto the pillow. Pictures of her haunted my mind,then a flash of her entered.
"A man can be waiting his whole life for that special someone to come,in the end they never show up."
"Will you show up again?"
"No,a man who cannot except truth is hardly a man at all."
"I do accept the truth
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Drawing by RisingAshes007 Drawing :iconrisingashes007:RisingAshes007 3 2
Acheron Fanfic
The normal day of Acheron
Today is the day,every single wench that walks up to him shall be punished. This is where you all scream now! I am so sick and tired of every miss I-own-the-world girl going up to him and Acheron liking him. What annoys me most is that not all of us girls are like that! So today,me and Simi are going to create a woman for him. A very special woman,maybe we'll consider taking Apollymi in the idea also. When I told Simi my idea,she thought it was a very good idea. I guess she didn't like the other girls either,since we both acted over-protective of Acheron.  All we need was the dirt of a demon,at least a quarter of a demons tears and skin. So we had to use Simi's tears,and with the help of Apollymi we used some of her skin. It hurt both of them,but they didn't care. They were willing to hurt for Acheron,just like I was. A half inch of water,and that was enough to create the clay into a beautiful woman.
"Akri,are you sure we're doing this right?" Simi s
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Lannah by RisingAshes007 Lannah :iconrisingashes007:RisingAshes007 5 0




United States
Hi guys! This is my first journal entry..apparently I wanna write a story but I don't know what to write about. Any requests? Any couple I don't mind! (Not really yaoi) But um..any requests will be good! ^^
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